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Contemporary <italic>design</italic> furniture
Seductive <italic>new bedroom </italic>spaces
New lifestyles <italic>expressed </italic> in every detail

New design philosophies characterise the living room and bedroom spaces. A journey through modern looks with a refined, elegant spirit.

Orme proposes different solutions to add value to your living spaces through its furniture collections.  Units for the living room and bedroom, wardrobes and furnishings: pairings and compositions that represent contemporary energy and tastes, perfectly interpreting  modern-day styles of living.

Day collection

Modulo and Logico

The value of the simple things makes for elegant, delicate spaces. The living room furniture is functional and sophisticated, outlining the modernity of eternally minimalist style.

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Light Day collection

Living room, bookcases, chests

Contemporary, functional shapes describe the new living area by Orme.

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Night collection

Wooden beds, upholstered beds and bedroom units

We offer different solutions with the option to personalise, mixing and matching wood grains, desaturated colours and fabrics to make your bedroom furniture say something about you.

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Light Night collection

Wooden beds, upholstered beds and bedroom units

Elegant, contemporary spaces tell the story of the new bedrooms by Orme.

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Wardrobe collection

Hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes

Design, practicality and creativity are the keywords describing the new wardrobes designed to store and created to please.

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Light Wardrobe collection

Hinged wardrobes and Sliding wardrobes

Storage systems capable of adding value to the space, becoming key elements in a modern vision of the bedroom.

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Orme is, and has always been, a reference point in the living room and bedroom furniture sector. An expression of, and synonymous with, style, it takes careful note of changes in tastes.

Orme is a company capable of interpreting change, understanding demand and developing solutions  that have a unique design, where aesthetics meets functionality to create comfort and atmosphere. The aim is to achieve quality and high standards in the furniture sector for  the living room and bedroom spaces.

About us

Discover the new Day Collection

3 October 2018
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